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*Our Beverage selections rotate on a regular basis

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We give you complete instructions for each and every painting. Tips on how to hold the brush, the strokes to apply and how to mix paints. Our policy is to teach you as much about art that we can given the time we have.
Beverages are not included as part of your admission. Not everyone wants to have a beverage, so we don't include it in our pricing.
We use water based acrylic paint. It dries quickly and once dry is water proof. Acrylic paints are similar to both Oil Paints and Water colors, but uniquely different from each as well... Don't worry we will teach you what to do!
We don't allow consumption of alcohol purchased outside of our facilities. If you are planning a private event we can make arrangements to select beverages of your choosing and have it available for your event.
So you wore a smock and were super careful, but once you got home you noticed a little smudge of paint on your shirt. Once the acrylics are dry they are waterproof, so water is not gonna do it. Rubbing Alcohol is the best way to clean up dried acrylic paint, but it tends to evaporate pretty fast. Another great option is a alcohol based gel hand sanitizer, one that doesn't contain moisturizers. Slather it on and let it sit for a few minutes. A little scrubbing with a small brush and a rinse with water typically will take care of most stains. Repeat the steps if needed. If that fails, there is good news. You now have a new shirt to wear when you come back!
All you need to do is enter your GIft Certificate S/N into the Gift Certificate field during checkout.
Please call or Email us if you have any trouble gift certificate. 971-266-8983 support@vinegogh,com
We think it's pretty important that our pricing is fair and up front. We keep our pricing reasonable all the time and by doing so avoid the need to raise our prices so we can offer a discounted rate.